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Compost (cu. yd.)

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Why Choose Ploughman's?

Ploughman's Choice is the ultimate slow-release soil amendment for gardens and lawns. Composed of 100% composted, all-natural livestock manure, both vegetable growers and Ontario homeowners are discovering the advantages of this remarkable soil amendment and mulch.

What Is Manure Compost?

Compost is made through natural, biological processes, where existing organic matter breaks down and produces rich humus. Especially when made from 100% manure, as Ploughman’s Choice compost is, compost makes an incredibly rich soil additive, packed with nutrients and a wealth of advantages for your soil.

Learn more at ploughmanschoice.ca

Load Method

Choose how you would like your material loaded. Delivery charge varies by method. 


Order by the cubic yard. Delivery calculated by truck load (Up to 20 yd. for mulch and compost or up to 10 yd. for aggregates)

Split Truck

Save on delivery by combining two materials in one truck (Up to 8 yd. per material for mulch and compost or up to 4 yd. per material for aggregates)

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